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The Purzue Navigator

The Navigator, located on the right, is what you will use to generate and edit your resume.

The Navigator is simple. If you click the ‘Edit’ tab to open it, you will be in "Edit Mode" where you can add, delete, edit, and rearrange existing sections of your resume. When you’re done editing, you may click the tab again to close the Navigator and view your resume.

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The Purzue Navigator

To move between pages in the Navigator, click the left and right arrows located at the bottom.

Some fields are marked with an asterisk; these fields are required and the Navigator may not let you proceed without filling in this information.

If you happen to leave something important out, we'll notify you by displaying a red warning message.

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The Sidebar

The Sidebar, located on the the left, contains the tools for you to distribute your resume.

You have the ability to export your resume to different formats, as well as print, email, and share it. You can also follow other users' Resumes.

The options to contact you, as well as ways your resume can be downloaded or even shared with others, will be visible to the public.

You can mouse over the sidebar at anytime to see the full extent of the options presented to you.

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Go to Dashboard

In order to get to your Dashboard, click the home icon on the top of the sidebar.

The Dashboard is your hub for you to manage all of your activity on Purzue and see what others are up to, as well.

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Help is on the way

Should you ever get stuck, we have an amazing FAQ section with more common answers to a variety of questions. This can also be accessed from the main menu of your dashboard.

Don't worry; if you do click this, we'll open it in a new window so you don't lose where you're at.

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Jane Doe

Marketing & Communications Manager

Springfield, Illinois 62702
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Highly experienced Customer Service professional. Able to handle a high volume of customer calls in a fastpaced environment, with minimum supervision, while maintaining emphasis on the highest quality of consumer service. Excellent listening skills, oral and written communications. Comfortable in interacting with all levels of the organization and public. Excellent problem solving and negotiating skills. Able to make decisions independently and quickly with minimal escalations.

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    • Brand Buys

      Saratoga Springs, New York United States
      • Customer Services Specialist


        Interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints.

        • Assist customers with returns, purchasing store protection plans and service packages.
        • Answer telephone inquiries from customers and stores regarding the status of units and other service issues.
        • Assist with new employee training including store policies, services, financing options and register operations.
    • Hilton

      New York, New York United States
      • Customer Services Representative


        Assist customers with various requests and inquiries

        • Providing information to guests about hotel policies, services and amenities, responding to requests from guests for assistance and information, providing information to guest about the local area.
        • Selling rooms to walk-in customers, entering/changing reservation information on the computer system.
        • Posting charges to guest accounts, explaining charges which appear on guest accounts, processing payments from guests, make necessary corrections to guest accounts, informing housekeeping department about room status/availability.
        • Listening for and respponding to guest complaints.

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      • Allegheny General Hospital

        Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States
        • Information Desk Volunteer

          Answered visitor calls and questions and provide directions.

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        • University of Pittsburgh

          Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States
          • Communications

            Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications

            • Graduated with a 3.7 GPA.

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